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The members of the Freundeskreis Wolfgang Längsfeld e.V. are active filmmakers who have been students at the 'University for Television and Film' (HFF) in Munich. Other members are companions and friends of the long-time professor and head of the feature film department, who was always called “Lä” by everyone.


His main goal was to offer a platform to all film students around the world. In 1981 he founded the International Festival of Film Schools in Munich, which is a highlight for film students from all over the world to this day - and a real opportunity. Many now renowned filmmakers screened their student films here to a wider audience.


At the festival, the award of the Freundeskreis offers a start-up for film students.  The professor's main advice always was: “be unique.”

The award is endowed with € 2,500 for the 'most unique film'.


The previous winners were not only delighted with the award, but were also able to build their careers on it. Good Luck! 

We hope to be able to increase the prize money soon by adding new members and / or donors who care about talented film students and and a future for more unique films as much as we do.


Enjoy the website and see you at the 'Film School Fest Munich'.


Freundeskreis Wolfgang Längsfeld e.V.


in memoriam

Thomas Burnhauser

22.2.1960 - 1.7.2022

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